Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees

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Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees

To view more information about any of the inductees, please click on a name below.

The photos below are a selection of inductees. Click the scrolling buttons to view the photos. These photos will change each time you visit the Hall of Fame.

Robert Gordon Souter
British Columbia

Charlie Paul Balmer

H. Keith Leckie

Dr. Charles A. Zavitz

Dr. Charles W. Gibbings

Mrs. David Dunlap

Kim McConnell

Dr. Alfred Savage

Sir Charles E. Saunders

Baldur Rosmund Stefansson

Roy G. Snyder

Dr. Rene Trepanier

Reginald S. Duncan

Inductee Name Residing Province Inducted
Archibald, Dr. E. Ontario 1970
Armstrong, J. Elgin Ontario 1998
Bagg, Alfred Ontario 1962
Balmer, Charlie Paul Manitoba 2007
Barton, Dr. G.S.H. Ontario 1964
Beaty, Harvey W. Ontario 1995
Beeler, Byron E. Ontario 2005
Berry, Dr. J.C. British Columbia 1985
Biggs, Everett M. Ontario 1993
Biron, Patrice Quebec 2002
Blair, Douglas G. Alberta 2003
Bois, Senator Henri C. Quebec 1963
Boisclair, Bertrand Quebec 2012
Bowman, James Ontario 1962
Boyd, Mossom Ontario 1965
Brethour, Dr. Joseph E. Ontario 1961
Brooks, William Sinclair Ontario 1977
Browarny , Walter H. Alberta 2014
Brownlee, Hon. John E. Alberta 1963
Buckland, Prof. George Ontario 1970
Bull, Duncan O. Ontario 1961
Burns, Senator Patrick Alberta 1963
Butler, Ross Ontario 1997
Campbell, Frederick Ontario 1983
Carroll, John Arthur Ontario 1972
Chalack, Dr. David Alberta 2011
Chicoine, Robert Quebec 2005
Church, Robert Alberta 1991
Clark, George H. Ontario 1964
Clemons, George Murray Ontario 1974
Corning, W.H. Nova Scotia 1961
Crawford-Frost, W.A. Alberta 1962
Cross, Alfred E. Saskatchewan 1963
Davie, Murray A. British Columbia 1981
Davis, Dr. Malcolm B. Ontario 1980
Day, Prof. George E. Ontario 1964
Delworth, Cecil Ivor Ontario 1971
Donaldson, Wilbert Wesley Ontario 2006
Downey, Richard Keith Ontario 2002
Drury, Hon. Ernest C. Ontario 1971
Dryden, Hon. John Ontario 1961
Dryden, William A. Ontario 1963
Duncan, Reginald S. Ontario 1963
Dunlap, Mrs. David Ontario 1963
Earley, George Graham Ontario 1999
Edwards, T. Alex Ontario 1970
Ekstein, Paul Ontario 2008
Farrington, Harvey Ontario 1962
Fife, David Ontario 1963
Fox, Jonathan R. Saskatchewan 1973
Fraser, Jack Ontario 1962
Fraser, Johnston Magill Ontario 1975
Froebe , Charles Ontario 2014
Gardhouse, John Ontario 1962
Gardhouse, Reford W. Ontario 1989
Gardiner, The Hon. J.G. Saskatchewan 1962
Gibbings, Dr. Charles W. Saskatchewan 1986
Gilbert, Reginald D. New Brunswick 1984
Gilson, James Clayton Manitoba 1996
Gjesdal, J. Harvey Saskatchewan 1992
Godbout, Hon. Adelard Quebec 1962
Good, W.C. Ontario 1968
Gordon, Robert Henry Manitoba 1995
Goulden, Dr. Cyril H. Ontario 1979
Gowe, Robb Ontario 2009
Gracey, Charles A. Ontario 2001
Graham, Dr. William R. Ontario 1975
Greenlaw, Harry C. New Brunswick 1964
Grisdale, Dr. J.H. Ontario 1963
Hannam, Dr. H.H. Ontario 1963
Hannam, Peter Ontario 2006
Hayes, Claude Quebec 1988
Hays, Senator Harry W. Alberta 1983
Hays, Thomas Clifton Ontario 2004
Hays, Thomas Edwin Ontario 1987
Heffering, Peter Ontario 2009
Henry, Hon. George S. Ontario 1963
Hepworth, Dr. Lorne H. Saskatchewan 2014
Hind, Dr. E. Cora Manitoba 1963
Hodson, Fred W. Ontario 1966
Holtby, Robert M. Ontario 1962
Hoodless, Adelaide S. Ontario 1963
Hulet, Alfred E. Ontario 1962
Hull, Joseph Ernest Saskatchewan 1981
Jackson, Walter D. Ontario 1962
Jensen, Christian Alberta 1962
Jones, Hon. J. Walter Prince Edward Island 1962
Kennedy, Hon. T.L. Ontario 1962
King, Paul Andre Roy Ontario 2009
Kirk, David Lawrence Saskatchewan 1989
Kitchen, Erle Ontario 1973
Kraay, Gerrit Jacob Saskatchewan 2002
Lane, George Alberta 1963
Leckie, H. Keith Ontario 1981
Lemire, Michel Quebec 2007
Lindsay , Lowell Ontario 2013
Macaulay, T.B. Quebec 1961
MacDonald, Sir William C. Quebec 1979
MacMillan, Gilbert Quebec 1969
MacRae, Dr. Herbert F. Nova Scotia 1994
Matthews, Donald C. Alberta 1984
Mayer, Hon. Charles James Manitoba 2005
McArthur, Allister Elliot Quebec 1992
McArthur, P.D. Quebec 1961
McCague, John J.E. Ontario 1967
McCain, Robert R. New Brunswick 1978
McConnell, Kim Alberta 2012
McDonald, Dr. Russell J. Ontario 1994
McEachran, Dr. D.M. Quebec 1962
McEwen, Col. Robert Ontario 1961
McGregor, Hon. J.D. Manitoba 1961
McKercher, Helen May Ontario 1978
McLaughlin, Edward T. Ontario 1984
McLaughlin, George R. Ontario 1999
McLean, Dr. Ellen S. Nova Scotia 1967
McLean, Hon. Archibald Alberta 1963
McPhail, A.C. Manitoba 1962
McPhail, Alexander J. Saskatchewan 1965
McRorie, Douglas Manitoba 1990
Mercer, Alexander H. British Columbia 1961
Mercier, Dr. Ernest Quebec 1991
Miller, Robert Ontario 1980
Mills, Dr. James Ontario 1966
Moles, John Errington Ontario 2004
Moore, Dr. Douglas G. New Brunswick 1990
Moore, Percy H. British Columbia 1963
Morin, Dr. Adrien Quebec 1963
Morris, George Fletcher Ontario 1993
Morrison, J.J. Ontario 1962
Motherwell, Hon. W.R. Saskatchewan 1962
Moxley, Dr. John Ellis Quebec 1989
Ness, Douglas Quebec 1977
Ness, Robert Earle Quebec 1994
Ness, Robert R. Quebec 1962
Newman, Dr. Leonard H. Ontario 1977
Oliver, John Ontario 2013
Ormiston, Roy F. Ontario 1999
Parker, Dr. William J. Manitoba 1974
Partridge, E.A. Manitoba 1962
Pigeon, Roland Quebec 1985
Plaunt, Darrel H. Ontario 2008
Pratt, T.J. New Brunswick 1962
Presant, Frederick W. Ontario 1986
Raithby, Prof. George E. Ontario 1976
Reek, Dr. William R. Ontario 1972
Rennie, Dr. J. Clare Ontario 1991
Rettie, James Ontario 1963
Riley, Senator Daniel E. Alberta 1965
Robertson, Dr. George W. Saskatchewan 1964
Robertson, Dr. James W. Ontario 1962
Robertson, William K.B. Ontario 2003
Rodanz, George Ontario 1976
Runciman, Alexander M. Alberta 1983
Rutherford, Dr. John G. Ontario 1967
Rutherford, Dr. W.J. Saskatchewan 1966
Saunders, Sir Charles E. Ontario 1961
Savage, Dr. Alfred Manitoba 1978
Schofield, Dr. Francis W. Manitoba 1975
Shaver, Dr. Donald McQueen Ontario 1987
Shaw, Dr. Walter Russell Prince Edward Island 1980
Sherwood, Senator Cyril B. New Brunswick 1986
Shore, Robert (Hardy) Ontario 1996
Skinner, Dr. Frank Leith Manitoba 1976
Slinkard, Dr. Alfred Saskatchewan 2003
Small, William James Saskatchewan 1997
Smith, Dr. Andrew Ontario 1962
Smith, Dr. David L. T. Saskatchewan 1988
Smith, H. D. Ontario 1962
Snyder, Roy G. Ontario 1982
Souligny, Laurent Ontario 2011
Souter, Robert Gordon British Columbia 2004
Speers, R. J. Manitoba 1961
Stefansson, Baldur Rosmund Manitoba 2002
Stein, Warren W Ontario 2000
Stenger, Frank Ontario 2011
Stewart, Alex M Ontario 1969
Stewart , Bertram Ontario 2010
Stewart, Hon William A. Ontario 1988
Stone, F. W. Ontario 1961
Sutter, Christian Tyndall Saskatchewan 1985
Switzer, Dr. Clayton M. Ontario 1998
Taylor, Edward Plunket Ontario 1996
Todd, S. E. Ontario 1961
Tolton, A. R. Manitoba 1993
Torrance, James S. Ontario 1963
Townsend, Gordon F. Ontario 1990
Trepanier, Dr. Rene Quebec 1982
Vanclief, Hon. Lyle Ontario 2010
Wade, R. W. Ontario 1961
Walker, John Matthews Ontario 2008
Watson, William P. Ontario 1971
Weld, William Ontario 1963
Wells, Dr. Kenneth F. Saskatchewan 1979
Wesson, Dr. John H. Saskatchewan 1968
Westervelt, Alexander P. Ontario 1962
Wheeler, Dr. Seager Saskatchewan 1967
Whelan, Hon. Eugene F. Ontario 2001
Wilkinson, John (Jack) Ontario 2008
Williams, Sydney Blewett Ontario 1982
Wilson, Barry Ontario 2012
Wise, John Ontario 2013
Wood, Henry Wise Alberta 1962
Yule, J. Charles Alberta 1962
Zavitz, Dr. Charles A. Ontario 1974
Ziraldo, Donald Ontario 2013